Our Board of Directors

Julianne Roth, Chairperson                                                       * 2021

Nancy Trawick-Smith, President                                              *2021

Mary Ann Dunbar, Secretary                                                       *2019

Maria Garrido-Cauley                                                                     *2020

Daniel Kraus, Treasurer                                                                  *2021

Monique Allard, Web Manager                                                  *2019

*Denotes term expiration

Standing Committees

Education Committee--Responsible for coordinating guest speakers, inservice programs and any other matters pertinent to keeping our members abreast of needs and changes within the industry;  Mary Ann Dunbar

Legislative Committee--Keeping a finger on the pulse of both the State and Federal governments' regulation and oversight of the industry;  Julianne Roth

Membership Committee--Duties include membership renewal, dues colletion and general outreach to increase our rank and file membership;  Maria Garrido

DSS Committee--Steering ACHA issues regarding state-funded client care including but not limited to Allied Community Resources, DXC.Technologies, Sandata, Reimbursement rates, and Auditing; Chaim Gewirtzman

Kim Magalhaes                                                                                     *2019

Guy Tomassi                                                                                           *2020

Chaim Gewirtzman                                                                           *2020